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With the cold weather upon us, there are few things more appealing than curling up with a warm beverage and an engaging book. I find the winter is a time to settle in and turn inward. It’s a season of consideration of how to better ourselves both personally and professionally.

This is why this month I’m adding Holding the Gavel: What Nonprofit Leaders Need to Know by Nanette Fridman to the Gordon Fischer Book Club shelf. For anyone who currently or is thinking about serving on a nonprofit board, this book is like a guidebook on what to expect and how to be a successful, contributive member of the board. The book contains insider stories from people who have experience leading boards and valuable information on what good governance looks like.


Some of these sorts of books can get dreadfully boring or are too general to be applicable, but this book is both helpful and specific on topics ranging from how best to conduct due diligence to managing difficult board members.

When it comes to passing on and developing a board (and the organization it serves) and leaving it better than you found it, this roadmap of a nonfiction book is worth your time.

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