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How much does an estate plan cost? It’s an important question. Fortunately, you can easily find the answer (specific to my services) in my Estate Plan Questionnaire (EPQ), available to all on my website.

Filling out my Estate Plan Questionnaire is a great first step to completing an estate plan for you and your family. My EPQ is a PDF you can fill out online, download, and/or print. It features an easy-to-read schedule of my fees.

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All parties benefit from transparent information regarding costs. You’re writing an estate plan so there are no surprises regarding your assets after death. Certainly, the last thing you want is to be surprised at the cost of estate planning documents while you’re living!

Cost of estate plan as an issue

When I talk with folks who want to complete an estate plan, but are procrastinating, a common concern that comes up is cost. People are concerned (and rightly so) about how much money they must fork over for an estate plan. So, no matter what lawyer you hire to draft or update your estate plan (and you do indeed need a lawyer to have this done right) make sure they’re completely up front with you about what it will cost.

One Size Does NOT Fit All

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There is no such thing as a “one-size-fits-all” estate plan. Estate plans—their terms, coverage, ins and outs—depend on a myriad of individual circumstances and indeed preferences.

This is why filling out an Estate Plan Questionnaire is such an important first step. You can gather the important and relevant information, all in one place, and think through some of the decisions you must make when building your estate plan. Plus, I can see from your Estate Plan Questionnaire what you might want and need to meet your planning goals. Once the Estate Plan Questionnaire is filled out, you and I meet for a free one-hour consultation.

Let’s Talk About Your EPQ

In the free, one-hour consultation, we’ll talk about the EPQ you completed. I usually meet clients in my office, but I’ve also met folks at coffee shops, restaurants, hospitals, and their houses. (I do make house calls!) Regardless of place, we’ll walk through your Estate Planning Questionnaire. I’ll listen carefully as you describe your intentions. I’ll answer all your questions. I’ll address all your concerns. Once we are both satisfied we understand each other, I’ll give you my recommendations. I’ll tell you in plain language what I think you need and why I think you need it. I’ll also tell you the exact cost. As you can see from my fee schedule above, I use a flat fee approach. So, you’ll get a 100% reliable figure.

Only Then, My Bill

It is important to note I don’t bill you until the end of this process. Only once you have a fully executed (i.e., signed, notarized, witnessed) estate plan, only then will I provide you my bill for services. And again, because I work on a flat fee basis, the bill will exactly match the figure I provided you earlier. Some clients write a check right on the spot, and we’re done. Other folks want to pay along with all their other bills, so they pay me later. Yes, you may take the estate plan documents without paying. I trust you’ll pay me.

So, now the cost of an estate plan has been demystified, why not take control of your future and set your family and friends up for a smooth transition of all your assets in the case of illness, disability, or death? As stated before, a great place to start is the Estate Plan Questionnaire. Also, feel free to reach out at any time by email,, or on my cell, 515-371-6077.