Winning an Oscar Award Academy Award leaves a legacy

I, along with all of you, just watched the totally wild end of Oscars 2017. Here are five legal lessons you can take away from this debacle.

(1) Absolutely, positively ANYTHING can happen at ANY time. So, be smart, plan ahead, and secure your future and your family’s future. A major way to do that is through estate planning.

(2) Planning is paramount. Somewhere along the line, protocols weren’t met, and a wrong envelope was handed out at the wrong time. Proper planning would have — SHOULD HAVE — prevented that.

(3) Double check EVERYTHING. Are you SURE your will is updated? Are you POSITIVE your estate planning documents are still in that safety deposit box, and your kids have access? Are you CERTAIN you updated your estate planning documents after your third kid was born? Go see your estate planning lawyer. 

(4) Did Warren Beatty seem a bit confused? He and his family might consider a medical checkup, and might also consider a Healthcare Power of Attorney. I explain all about healthcare PoAs and their importance here: LINK. And I’m not picking on Warren, I’m really not. A Healthcare PoA is good for everyone. Seriously, everyone should strongly consider a Healthcare PoA.

(5) Download my Estate Planning Questionnaire. The Oscars may end in total confusion, but you shouldn’t. The Estate Planning Questionnaire will ensure a smooth and predictable ending, just like you want.


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  1. Rex Brandstatter says:

    Hi Gordon,

    Thx for the Newsletter. I like the way you tied in the Academy Awards DEBACLE to the Estate Planning. I did not watch, but the END typifies Hollywood in my opinion, but it also relates to the lack of planning that most people insist is ‘a good plan’. ( no plan)
    I have a weekly radio program called ‘SeniorTalk’. (6th year) I talk all the time about the need to PLAN etc. I send a lot of Seniors (and others) to Attorneys. I was in one of your Seminars at the Senior Center a couple years ago. Please listen sometime: Every Wednesday, 11:10 am to 11’40 am. KCJJ 1630 AM… IF you like what you hear, I would like to invite you to be a guest some Wednesday. YOU can also to their website at: and look at the archives. You will see me and you can listen to a program. I am a Realtor (43 years and I am 67 years old) NOT trying to sell real estate on the air, just trying to get people to THINK about downsizing, organizing, PLANNING, etc.

    Hope you take time to listen and feel free to contact me : 319-330-5534 CELL or email:


    Rex Brandstatter

  2. Gordon Fischer says:

    Rex, sounds like a great radio program! I’ll definitely check it out. Thank you for the recommendation.

  3. Sam Carrell says:

    #6 If you don’t understand the form in front of you, ask someone who does…whether it be your estate planner or an academy envelope expert….Faye Dunaway is sadly neither.

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