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Charitable Giving: As American as Apple Pie

Earlier this month we launched fireworks, grilled burgers, and spent time with loved ones while celebrating the Fourth of July. America’s Independence Day stands as a surrogate of sorts for the ideals that our great nation was built on. The Fourth of July has always been a special holiday for me, and my family, as […]


Bountiful Harvest: Charitable Giving Using Gifts of Grain

For donors who actively engage in farming on a cash basis [1], significant tax savings can be found through donating grain directly to a favorite charity such as a public library, church, or university. Yes, you read that right. Grain. In short, the charities make money by selling the donated grain and the donors get […]


Life insurance & charitable giving

Here are four ideas for using life insurance as a charitable tool: 1.  Name Charity as the beneficiary of an existing life insurance policy Donor can name Charity as beneficiary of an existing life insurance policy. Simple! Also, it’s revocable; Donor can always change her mind. Tax treatment. In this scenario, there can’t be an […]



Gordon Fischer Law Firm, P.C. 220 Lafayette Street, Suite #120 Iowa City, Iowa 52240 515-371-6077 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE DATE:  02/24/2015 SUBJECT:  GORDON FISCHER OPENS LAW FIRM, FOCUS ON CHARITABLE GIVING Iowa City – Gordon Fischer, a practicing attorney in Iowa for more than 20 years, has opened his own law firm — Gordon Fischer Law Firm, P.C. — with […]


25 Days of Giving: Charitable Remainder Trusts

We’re now well into the 25 Days of Giving Series and it’s my intent to provide different aspects and strategies of charitable giving. Given that it’s the season of joy, sharing, and love it’s a great time to be thinking about smart giving (the kind that doesn’t involve gift wrappings, stockings, or bows). Read on to […]


25 Days of Giving: Quick Rule-of-Thumb on Charitable Deduction Limits

If you choose to itemize your taxes, charitable contributions can reduce your tax bill. Generally you would choose to itemize when the combined total of your anticipated deductions (like charitable gifts) add up to more than the standard deduction. For 2019 taxes the standard deductions are: $12,200 for single individuals $12,200 for married, filing separately $24,400 […]


25 Days of Giving: 9 Quotes to Inspire Charitable Gifts

Thanks for the reading the 25 Days of Giving series…almost as good as this whiskey advent calendar, am I right? Each day through Christmas, I’m covering different aspects of charitable giving for both donors and nonprofit leaders. Have a topic you want covered or question you want answered  regarding charitable giving? Contact me. Sure, info […]