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25 Days of Giving: Charitable Gifts Defined

If you’ve been reading along with the 25 Days of Giving Series throughout December, thank you. If you’ve happened upon the GoFisch blog just now, welcome! I hope to see you back here often. Giving for the sake of giving is great, however it’s financially wise to make certain your charitable donation is also beneficial in […]


25 Days of Giving: 4 Huge Benefits of Charitable Gifts of Stock

Thanks for reading the 25 Days of Giving series. I’m “unwrapping” posts on various aspects of charitable giving each day through Christmas. A less-than-obvious, but an ideal asset for charitable donations is appreciated long-term, publicly-traded stock. Before we list the benefits, let’s break down the terms. Definitions Appreciated simply means increased in value. Long-term means […]


Sweet Sixteen: 16 Reasons Charitable Gift Annuities Are Great Tools for Philanthropic Giving

The #SweetSixteen is a time of celebration for teams which made the elite group. Similarly, with charitable gift annuities (CGAs), donors can experience the joy of giving to their favorite causes. But, unlike making the Sweet Sixteen, CGAs aren’t hard, they are relatively easy to understand and execute. Also unlike the Sweet Sixteen, CGA donors […]


Come Together and Support #GivingTuesdayNow

Over the past few years Giving Tuesday has claimed its rightful place in the post-Thanksgiving “days” that kick-off the holiday shopping season as well as the end-of-year giving push. Billed as a “global giving movement,” the tag #GivingTuesday encourages people to donate your time, monetary donations, or even just your voice and ideas to a charity/cause […]


Mark Your Calendar: #GivingTuesdayNow is Tomorrow

Over the past few weeks, it has been easy for the days to blur together⁠—with schedules important for stability but also keeping our socially distant lives accordingly mundane. But tomorrow, May 5, 2020 is an important day to note, promote, and celebrate! #GivingTuesdayNow was organized, in part, as an effort to encourage donations to nonprofit organizations […]


New Year’s Resolutions: Tips for Setting Charitable Goals

With ringing in the new year comes the inevitable resolutions to be happier, healthier, more productive…all good intentions. But, what if this year you make a different kind of resolution—an actionable goal that could make a difference in the causes you care about? How about a goal that goes beyond yourself and could also have […]


25 Days of Giving: The Deal with Quid Pro Quo Donations

Thanks for reading the 25 Days of Giving series. Each day through December 25, I’m covering different aspects of charitable giving for both donors and nonprofit leaders. Have a topic you want to be covered or questions you want to be answered regarding charitable giving? Contact me. I’ve covered the term quid pro quo in […]