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3 Ways to Use Your Retirement Benefit Plans to Help Your Favorite Charities

Much of Iowans’ wealth can be found in retirement benefit accounts, like IRAs, 401(k)s, 403(b)s, and so on. Funds from retirement benefit plans can be easy and tax-savvy ways for you to support your favorite causes and organizations! IRA Charitable Rollover The Individual Retirement Account (IRA) charitable rollover allows individuals aged 70.5 years of age […]


Retirement Benefit Plans and Charitable Giving

Iowans’ retirement benefit plans hold tremendous wealth. Your IRAs, 401(k)s, 403(b)s, and so on, could have a huge impact on the charities you care about most. Nonprofits should be aware that retirement benefit plans are incredibly underutilized for charitable giving. It’s in nonprofit stakeholders’ best interest to educate themselves and potential donors about the benefits […]


Beneficiaries, Executors, and Guardians, Oh My!

I’ve previously written about the six “must have” documents of everyone’s estate plan. These documents include some key people that are essential. But, the terms for some of these roles can be confusing. Let’s review the main ones today. Who/What is a Beneficiary? Let’s talk first about beneficiaries. This is a basic term you’ve probably heard before […]


Funding and Administering Your Living Trust

If you have a living trust (sometimes referred to as an inter vivos trust) in your estate plan, you need to know how to administer it. That sounds like common sense, but there are some unique elements to consider that otherwise you probably wouldn’t think about. The following definitions and directions should help you with that process. In the following descriptions I […]


3 Ideas for How to Help Nonprofits During COVID-19

Consequences from COVID-19 including skyrocketing unemployment, mental health concerns, and general basic supply scarcity has meant an increased demand for services from nonprofits in a multitude of sectors. I’ve seen a number of successful efforts to help out local businesses, such as restaurants and shops, that are hurting from lack of foot traffic. These campaigns […]