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(Legal) Word of the Day: Trust

In my ongoing efforts to break down the legalese barriers that tend to separate lawyers from the real world, and have increased quality communication, here’s another Fun with Legal Words post. Today’s word is “trust.” In this context, and in the simplest terms, a trust is a legal agreement between three parties: settlor, trustee, and […]


(Legal) Word of the Day: Property

Three Parties I’ve previously written about the three parties necessary for every trust: (1) the settlor (sometimes called the donor or grantor); (2) the trustee; and (3) the beneficiary. Two Other Elements Besides three parties, at least two other elements are necessary for a valid trust. The trust instrument is the document that sets forth […]


Calling all Word Nerds: 9 Terms to Know About Trusts

In the past I’ve written about specific “legal words of the day” where we take a deep dive into terms that can be confusing, misleading, or unknown. A few of the favorites? Breach of contract, subpoena, and inclusion rider. But, if you’re a word nerd like me, one word or phrase per blog post is […]


Smart Estate Planning: Special Needs Trust

Estate planning allows people to elect tools and strategies that makes life for their loved ones as uncomplicated as possible following death. Almost everyone I work with wants to ensure their family members are set up for success. One such estate planning tool to accomplish this is the handy dandy trust. There are almost limitless […]


Four Major Ways to Classify Trusts

We dove into the definition of the term “trust,” but that’s just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to learning about the important agreement that’s often used for purposes including estate tax liability reduction, estate property protection, and probate avoidance. There are four standard ways of classifying trusts. Trust Classifications Trusts may be classified by their […]