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Pop Quiz!

Are you on the level?

I’m sincerely interested in your thoughts about the “philanthropic learning curve*”, directly below. Reviewing the six levels, where are you now?

Where do you want to be?

How will you get there?

Who can help?

Message me, tweet me, email me, comment; in short, tell me what you think. Yes, truly, for real, I want to know!

The Philanthropic Learning Curve: Six Levels

Level One: You become a donor


Level Two: You decide to get organized


Level Three:  You become a learner


Level Four:  You become issue and results oriented


Level Five: Your philanthropy is leveraged


Level Six: Alignment of vision, passion, interests; philanthropy is among the most exciting and satisfying things you do


*Important note: The Philanthropic Learning Curve is the brainchild of the brilliant Peter Karoff, founder of The Philanthropic Initiative.

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