As a donor, you want to stretch your charitable dollars to provide maximum benefit for your philanthropic passions.  You also want your donations to be focused and meaningful. Further, you want your charitable intent respected and followed.


  • Tax-wise gifts: Save money and time by making the most cost effective charitable gifts. This includes gifts of stock, bonds, real estate, and farmland; gifts of business property such as stock in a close corporation or inventory; gifts of retirement assets such as IRAs; gifts of insurance; gifts of personal property such as artwork or collections of valuables; gifts of vehicles, such as cars, boats, and planes; gifts of grain; and many other types of gifts.
  • Best tools: Save money and time by using the most economical framework for your charitable gifts, including wills; trusts such as charitable remainder trusts or charitable lead trusts; pooled income funds; and many other structures.
  • Strong representation: Well drafted gift agreements result from smart negotiation. Make certain your charitable intent is honored, your gift will be directed to those in most need, and future changes will not affect your gift’s use.
  • Helpful research and recommendations: Clarify your vision, define your goals, and target nonprofits which align best with your values and beliefs.
  • Start your own foundation/nonprofit: Get help with the legal process, evaluate the prospects for success, and realize the future implications of your decisions. Also, discover there may be several alternatives to achieve the same — or even better — results.
  • Transform your grief: When faced with loss, connecting with nonprofits doing valuable work can restore hope and well-being.
  • Special celebrations: Celebrate a special birthday or anniversary by bestowing a meaningful gift to honor a loved one.
  • Renegotiate or troubleshoot: If you are disappointed with the outcome of a major gift you’ve made, engage the nonprofit to better understand your concerns and work out a solution.
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